Dishwasher Safe

Safe and strong to be washed with dishwasher. Basically, dishwasher is not recommended for plastic product. But, Technoplast developing a technology on creating plastic material that safe when washing in the dishwasher. The purpose is, to help your house chores. Washing the dishes with the help of dishwasher is a real fun.

BPA Free

Free from substance that contain Biphenol-A. Biphenol-A or synthetic chemical substance that known as a toxic that resist the estrogen hormone that can disturb the normal function of hormone system, reproduction, developing, hingga the behavior in human.


Can’t be break it means that this product is strong and chewy plastic material. So, it won’t be broken because of hit by tough stuff or sharp stuff.


Safe and free from all of plastic chemical substance that can stick to your food and beverages.


Can be used to containing a hot water. It means, safe from all of chemical substance causing by hot temperature.


Can keep the air into the box. So the food that keep inside it will stay longer, the crunchiness and the freshness. The smell from the food that keep inside the box won’t came out and not berbaur with other smell outside the box. This advantages can be really feel when we keep the food in refrigerator.


Strong to resist the water or food. So it won’t be easy to overflow in any kind of condition.