Do you know if we choose the wrong plate to keep the food, will have a bad impact to our health? In here, we will discuss about the right way to keep the food, the right and the healthy one. The best and safest material is plastic. It is effective and efficient, used the plastic material to be the plate for your food that also eco-friendly and easy to be washed. But, don’t choose the wrong plastic material. Because if you choose the wrong one, this plastic material will bring a plenty of bad impact to your body.

It is okay to keep the food inside the plastic plate, but choose the one that fulfill the health standard. Here is the tips & trick to choose and to keep the food inside the plastic plate.

  • Plastic plate is best to be easy-open and close just like the Technoplast product. Because some of plastic plate isn’t suitable to be used for the kids because the opening and the closing process is quite hard even though the level of the tightness is high.
  • Choose that quite good in pressure just like Technoplast product that had an unbreakable structure so it won’t be easily broken.
  • Can protect the food and the drink either from the maximum tightness so it won’t be overflow. Just like Technoplast product that always create the tight cap that strong and the material plastic that support it.
  • Don’t ever put the hot food and drink inside the plastic plate. But in this case, Technoplast had only a couple of products that not strong to the hot water. It means, a lot of Technoplast product that resist the hot water. But remember! Don’t put the plastic material in the place where there is direct sun light or in the room that had a temperature aboe 35 degree of celcius.
  • If you always use plastic plate to keep your food, try to pay attention to the color. Did the color faded or not? If the color is already faded, you need to be more careful because maybe it is the impact of addictive chemical reaction inside the plastic that come into your food and drink. Please immediately change the plate to the food grade one like Technoplast product that is safe and verified from FDA (Food & Drugs Administration).