Keep Away From UV Light

Please keep in the dry room and do not exposed to sunlight directly. Normally, plastic is consists from polymer which is the long chain and the smaller units called monomers. UV rays that comes from the sun, causing the polymer can contaminated the human body. Be careful, polymer has insoluble if it’s already in the human body, so when it is accumulated in the body will cause a cancer. Dr. Merryana Adriani SKM Kes, a nutritionist from Airlangga University School of Public Health said that carcinogenic substance found in the plastic that exposed by UV Rays directly can cause a various diseases such as cancer and diabetic if they strike out the pancreas, deep vein thrombosis while attacking this oart or kidney if attack the glomerulus.

Release & Separate The Lid When You Keep It

Technoplast products made from best plastic material, so it won’t be over smell. But, it might have a bad smell if you don’t know how to keep it. To avoid the bottle lid and the lunch box from the bad smell is by release and separate the lid with the bottle body or the lunch box when you want to store it. Because if you don’t, it will cause a bad smell that you made by your own. After that, keep in the safe place by put the bottle in down position or lunch box, in order to protect the quality of container and prevent the bad smell.

Do Not Take Off The Seal While Washing The Container

The most important thing that sometimes not being attention by many people is when taking care of their personalware (Tumbler & Lunch Box) which is, separate the seal when washing it. Because it will broke the rubber/seal. It cause the seal will be easy to be release, loose or even broken. So, avoid this behaviour when you wash your personalware.

Wash The Container With Warm Soap Water

Technoplast is always create a product that help the consumer. One of them are, easy and safe to be washed. In hence, your lunch box will be oily after you keep a food that contain oil and bottle that create a bad smell when keeping the color and tasteful liquid, such as coffee and milk. But, don’t worry. Because there is a solution to anticipate that would not happen. The best solution is from the way you washing it. Make sure that water that you’ll be used is warm. And don’t forget to mix the warm water with the soap so it will create the soap warm water.