Have you check the plastic material in your meal box and tumbler that you used right now? Is it already proper with the healthy regulation? Especially for the kids, don’t be careless when choosing the meal box/plastic tumbler for your kids. Sometimes the chemical material that blend can disturb and destroy the immune system of the kids slowly.

There are a couple of things that need to be put attention regarding the health problem on the using of plastic material in everyday life. The chemical material that contained in the plastic known can be overflow and blend when it touch the food and beverages. There is a controversy about how much that it is absorb and how the bad impact on health, but we need to pay attention and care.

Plastic plate for food/beverages must fulfill one of the criteria like glass and fork symbol, the “Food Grade” text or “Approved by FDA” text so it safe to be used for eating and drinking. Don’t tempted the plate with cheap price but had a worst risk to your health. It is better to use the product that has a legal right.

If you think objectively, so Technoplast is a product that already clear on the rule and trustable not having a side effect from the chemical plastic substance. And, don’t forget to buy from the distributor or legal dealer to avoid the fake product. After knowing the symbols, it is better if we pay attention more to the plate that we have so it won’t be over used because the wrong way to use it not only causing a harm environment but it also harm our health.

Here is the safe tips to choose the plastic plate for food/beverages :

  • Don’t buy the plastic plate that is over cheap. You have to be worried either the bad quality or it is fake. It is better to buy it from the legal distributor.
  • Follow the instruction. Be careful when washing the plastic so it won’t be hard because it will broke the surface. Or, don’t put it in microwave if there is no sign of microwave.
  • Change it if the color already changed and broken because normally it is no longer safe to be used and can causing a contamination of chemical substance to the food and beverages.
  • Don’t put hot food and beverages directly to the plastic plate. Wait until it cool or you can mengalasi the food with banana leaves
  • Normally the plastic product is recycle product. In every recycle product had a specific label that shown the safe level of product. Plastic product with the label of number 4 might contain a Bisphenol A. So, always use the plastic product with label number  1-4 that is safe and not contain Bisphenol A.
  • Don’t heat the plastic product above directly or even indirectly, because we don’t know what kind of chemical substance that contain inside it. So avoid to pour the hot food or beverages to the plastic plate so the chemical substance will vaporize.
  • Don’t use the plastic bag or a wrap to wrapped the food directly that you want to consume, because the chemical substance might containing your food.

There are many people that give a warn, rumor, gossip even magazine article about the harmness of plastic. But still, few peoples pay attention to it, care or even observing more. Plastic plate for food and beverages is the best choice for mother to her family. Since it is practice, not easily broke when fall or hit the tough stuff. Be careful when choosing the plastic material. Because, if it is right you will be help on everything. But if you wrong, the effect that you will get will be harm.