Plasticware’s Pungent Odor

Did you bought a plasticware? And when it opens, your plasticware emits a pungent odor? This happens due to the manufacturing process of plastic factory. But to eliminate the pungent odor is not difficult, launch from, you can choose in three ways. First, you can save the plasticware in the freezer by putting wet newspaper into the plasticware and tightly closed first. Second, you can dry it below the sun for several hours. And the last way, you can drip the plasticware with lemon juice, and let stand for a moment.

Maintain Color to Keep The Pure Color

You know, doing treatment for this issue also required a simple equipment. You just using a cotton or brush, and coconut oil before washing plasticware with a dish soap. How to use? Apply the coconut oil to the entire surface of the plasticware. Next, you just doing simply wash the plasticware as usual and dry it.

The Stain

Any food even it’s a coconut milk and greasy foods must’ve encountered your plasticware. Well, sometimes these foods leave some stains. You can use a whitener to remove the stains, anyway. Launch from, prepare a bucket with warm water that has been added a cup of whitener, then soak your plasticware for a half of hour. If it was ready, wash the plasticware with dishwashing soap, then using warm water to rinse it.